The Farm

About Atomic Acres

Atomic Acres is more than just a cannabis cultivation facility in South Side Chicago; it’s a testament to community, sustainability, and the art of high-quality cannabis production. Our journey began when we acquired a former bowling alley and transformed it into a state-of-the-art cannabis-growing facility. This transformation was not merely a renovation, but a revitalization, preserving the character of the past while fostering a sustainable future.

Our team is as deeply rooted in the Midwest as our plants are in the soil. Led by a seasoned business owner in the agriculture industry, an expert Artisanal grower with over 20 years of experience, and a committed army veteran who serves as our Head of Cultivation operations, our staff embodies a blend of regional loyalty, unparalleled expertise, and a passion for the community. Each individual at Atomic Acres brings a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to excellence to every aspect of our operations.

Community Engagement

Being good corporate citizens is at the heart of our operations. We have hired local community members for the rebuild, not only creating jobs but also contributing to local economic development.

What Separates Us?

Our aim is not just to grow premium cannabis, but to create a positive impact in our community, both through our sustainable farming practices and through creating local employment opportunities. At Atomic Acres, we are proud of our Midwestern roots, our sustainable approach, and most importantly, the exceptional cannabis that we cultivate.

Restoration and Revitalization

Our commitment to sustainability and revitalization is evident in our unique restoration of a former bowling alley. Instead of demolition, we have meticulously repurposed as much of the existing structure as possible, breathing new life into the facility and preserving its unique charm.

Advanced Water Recycling

Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends to our advanced water treatment system. We recycle and purify water used in our processes, significantly reducing our overall environmental footprint and ensuring the purity of our products.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

The quality of our products is paramount to us, and our testing procedures reflect that. We follow stringent FDA and USDA guidelines, ensuring our products meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and consistency.